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Veteran of a Thousand Psychic Wars

Just for fun... A short list of why I hate myself (well not really)

Just for fun... A short list of why I hate myself (well not really)

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b/k and m/k
I felt like posting this after having in depth conversations with several people about my medications. So here's the full list of all that I am taking:

Allegra-D: allergies
Crixivan: PI, AIDS Med ($508.00 for 270 250mg tablets)
Depokote: Anti-Convulsant for bipolar (about $150 a month)
Lithium: anti psychotic for bipolar ($20 for 100 150mg tablets)
Methadone: hurray for substance abuse. It helped me kick heroin, now its time to kick it. (about $500 a month)
Rescriptor: NNRTIs, AIDS Med ($188 for 90 400mg tablets)
Retrovir (AZT): nRTI, AIDS med ($275 for 60 tablets)
Septra IV: Keeps the nasty opportunistic infections away. ($98 for 10 mL)
Wellbutrin XL: antidepressant ($120 for 60 150mg tablets)

For a total cost of: about $1859 a month. This however does not include the blood screenings that I have to do frequently to make sure nothing is interacting oddly, and all the vitamens I take.

And you wonder why I work such long hours.
  • WOW! and I thought my medication was expensive...

    I'm lucky to spend only AU$100 about every 3 months.
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