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Veteran of a Thousand Psychic Wars

Who else thinks I should give up on this whole journaling thing?

Who else thinks I should give up on this whole journaling thing?

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seth green is so cute
I never update this thing do I? I am horrible, horrible. But since I am updating I will give you the big/good news.

Tom and I are going up to Mass. to get married this summer. August to be precise. We are going to have our lovely civil ceremony, but we will also celebrate a handfasting with our coven before we go. We are so damn Holywood aren't we?

For any of you considering buying us pretty pressies, Tom and I ask that you consider making a donation to charity instead. We've both been married before and so we have all the ugly gravyboats and silverware we could ask for. We may consider doing a registery on Amazon for those who really like the materialistic aspect of marriage, but it really isn't about that for us... A small donation in our names is more than enough beauty for us.

For those of you who don't know our full names:
Tomás Mikael Diaz and Samuel Christian Spurry

For those of you who do wish to donate and know my sister:
send cards through her as we are paranoid to put our address on the web.

Lots of Love,
The Two of Us

edited to add: Okay... fine, fine. Here is a registery on Amazon.com. This is only to be used as a last resort, if you have no idea what charity to donate to.
  • Holy hot shite! You updated!

    Well, you've already recieved my heartfelt blessings as well as my overly-exubrint cheering when I heard your news. Anydoodle, I will be happy to pass along gifts to you two.

    I love you guys.
    • I love you to.

      I would love to invite all your crew to come up and see the deed (no not that deed) done, but Tom and I think it would be best if its just a small gathering. I suppose if Raven doesn't object they could possibly come to the handfasting, but its more likely that Jesus will appear in my cereal than that she will give permission.
      • Aww.. I think Raven is nice, just a bit on the paranoid side... Rather like you when you think about it.

        Got your email about the registry... and its fine if you want things shiped to me. You paranoid loser. lol
  • Wedings I love weddings

    OMG. MASSIVE amounts of congradulations!!!!
    And dont give up on it!!

    The Pretentious Git~
    • Re: Wedings I love weddings

      Thank you chicito.
      I do not intend to.

      And why exactly are you pretentious? I've yet to figure that one out.

      • Re: Wedings I love weddings

        Eh... why am I pretentious. Let me count the ways. No I suppose it is because my overly developed sense of politics, and my willingness to debate it tirelessly. It could also have to do with me teaching myself to read hebrew, just for the fun of it. Things like that. But whatever I do what I like.

        BTW I am going to donate to charity in your names still working on which one. and again congradulations!!!
        • Re: Wedings I love weddings

          Well that makes a bit more sense then.

          Thank you very much, Louis, Tom and I really appretiate it.

    ::clears throat and regains composure:: You guys are so awesome! I hope you have a wonderful time at you handfasting and at the (oh for fucks sake, screw the church) WEDDING!

    Ok so I kno I can't come to the wedding (hehe eventhough u kno my ass would drive up there) but if raven says yes (crosses fingers) lemme kno (if you don't mind that is).

    And I want to see lots of pictures...hehe so CUTE!

    O and I have already chosen your present....hehe that was fun!

    Ok ta for now,


    P.S. No deleting LJ, TJ needs his reading materials!


      Thank you for the well wishes.

      I will be sure to let you know if Raven decides to allow a bunch of "outsiders" to come. Pictures will indeed be available... I think.

      And hurray for shiny prezzies!
  • (no subject) - psychedelicbabi
    • Re: a friend of grace

      Any friend of Grace is a friend of mine. Welcome to my crazy little world.

      Thank you very much for your congratulatory-ness (so not a word) and it was nice "meeting" you.
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