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Hello all...

Hello all...

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seth green is so cute
I've been fiddling around with my journal recently... and I think I've finally gotten it to a point where I like it. Take a look please. I am really loving this new tags feature. Much better than memories, or so I think.

My thoughts are with the people of the UK and have been all day. I know Angie's friend Riggs has family and friends over there, so this has no doubt hit rather to close to home for him (and her by extension). I'm getting rather frustrated with the state of the world today. I honestly wish I could buy my own little "Homoisland" somewhere way, way out in the ocean and not deal with the real world. Completely unrealistic? I know. But a boy can dream, can't he? I nearly lost Tom on 9/11, I've lost friends in Iraq and Afganistan. Enough is fucking enough. Maybe our government just doens't get it... we can't do whatever we want. We are not god's right hand of justice, nor are we an international police force. You can't bring democracy with war... it's like fucking for chastity. Clicèd? Yes, but damn well true.

I've been super busy lately, and I'm sorry about that. I truly am. But wedding plans, working two jobs, raising three kids, and frequent doctor's visits take their toll. I hope to be around more in the coming weeks leading up to the wedding... but who knows. Life is crazy.

Love, Light, and Hope,
  • Ooooh pretty... I really like it!

    Riggs really appretiates the sentiment. His family and friends are okay, but he will be going home for a week or so.

    Don't worry about not updating, reality is more important.

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