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Raven has put the kabosh on any "outsiders" joining the circle for…

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b/k and m/k
Raven has put the kabosh on any "outsiders" joining the circle for the hand fasting... I understand her paranoia... but good gravy, my day (or rather Tom's and my day) not hers. Sorry kids.

In happier news: My latest labs! My viral load was low as some shit (120) and my t-cells are very stable (in the 500s with my percentage at 22%) It's kinda interesting, despite being poz I am healthier (in some respects) than I have ever been. Tom is also doing fine. Although his viral load has gone up a bit since he went of the medications. Our doctor wants him to get his panels more frequently, but she says that he seems to be responding well to not being on any medications. He's taking a shit load of vitamins though and eating healthier that anyone I know. Maybe all this hippie shit will pay off.

Another very happy thing: Tom has gotten rid of the nasty hippie beard. lol You all know I love the man, but kissing someone who was beginning to resemble Wilson Cruz as a Hell's Angel... not attractive. lol Its nice to have my man clean shaven again.

Congratulations to the recent graduates: Tommy, Louis, and whoever else...
Good Luck to the rest in their continued high school torment: Gracie, Tessa (right?)

Love, Light, and AZT,
  • Hurrah on the labs... they are definetly good. Hells bells they might even be better than Bri's most recent ones and he prides himself on being the world's healthiest man with HIV... lol. I love Bri, don't you?

    I am sad that people can't come to the handfasting, but I assume I am still permitted to come. After all, she knows me well enough and I have gone to Sabbats with you guys before. I bet my "crew" will be rather dissappointed.

    But I liked the hippie beard, it was so shiny and it had beads in it! It was really more of a Rasta beard than anything really. To bad it has now been laid to rest... Oh well.

    Thanks for the good luck, I'm bloody well gonna need it.

    Lots of Love,
    • Yay for good results ::does a backflip:: I so happy for you.

      I am sad that I cannot come to the handfasting, however I will celebrate vicariously through grace.

      I have never seen the infamous "hippie beard," however I have heard both good and bad things. I guess its a neutral thing that its gone. But if you both like it, more power to ya!

      Thanks for the well wishing in terms of graduation, wish you could have joined us but our skool sucks ass!

      • Back flip...Hottt!

        Handfasting...that makes me giggle.
      • Oooh backflips.. I can do that ::tries to do a backflip and falls on hid face:: lol

        Yea I am sad too, it would have been cool to meet you guys on such a happy day.

        Let's just say the beard was intresting... lol

        You are welcome, I would have loved to go... But me + mass = not good friends and much badness.

      • btw... I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing. ::hugs::
        • thanx i'll prolly post later about it...but funerals take so much freaking time.

          And u with facial hair...........::takes deep breath::............ok I'm better now! (btw thats to the convo following this)


    • Yeah they actually are better than Brice's, not by much though. And of course I love B., how can one not?

      Yes you are of course still welcome. I understand her position, it just ticks me off. Thats all.

      Rasta beard, eh? Perhaps you are right.

      You are welcome.

  • YAY

    Thanks much. It is good to know that I will never have to forcibly enter that building AGAIN!!!

    Clean shaven is always preferable!!!

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